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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Being able to adapt in business today has become a valuable skill. Whether that means changing the services you offer to better cater your new market or diving into a new medium for marketing to get better leads for your business. Due to Covid-19 many businesses who did not previously practice digital marketing have been forced to research and become active in digital marketing for themselves. The decision to dive into digital marketing may not be easy due to the uncertainty of something new. This blog post will answer any questions regarding the benefits and differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

By definition, “Digital marketing is the use of the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, display advertising, and other channels to reach consumers.” Here's some examples of the digital marketing which are also actually services we offer at Sparc Marketing social media marketing,email,search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional Marketing involves the use of print ads, billboards, television, radio, magazine and word of mouth. Traditional marketing has been stereotypically received as old and not useful but this is not the exact case, although the two have different efficiency levels they are both very useful when applied to your business model correctly.

Which one should you use?

Digital marketing utilizes a unique medium, through that medium an internet user's ability to absorb and be influenced by information has changed. A business that is engaged in digital marketing will be able to spot trends in google searches for their particular target market and gear their advertisements to them in an effort to increase sales, this is a clear digital marketing advantage. Traditional marketing also offers its own advantage, it plays an important role in connecting to your local audience. Tactics such as marketing collateral, tv commercials and brochures can place you in the forefront of conversation at the heart of your community. This is important because connecting and building a relationship with your market instills trust and credibility for your company.

In short it is clear that in business today both digital and traditional methods of advertising are proven to be effective. However, when picking which method your business should focus on or whether you should use both, the deciding factor will be your target audience. What percentage of your target audience will see your message through the medium you deliver it? That will help you decide if digital marketing or traditional marketing is right for you.