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Importance of Blogging to Increase Digital Presence

History of Blogging

In 1994, a student named Justin Hall had committed to publish his writing on a site named which was the first blogging site. Back then, this action was considered taboo, strange, and almost crazy. Hall probably faced so much criticism for even thinking of doing such a thing – to even think of wanting to know other peoples opinion on their writing piece. And yet? Here we are a couple of years later, so intrigued about the benefits of blogging. So what is blogging? Blogging is generally used to share information about anything from Business, Cooking, Lifestyle, Cosmetics, Books, etc. These blogs are usually done by an individual or a group of people wanting to share their knowledge with other people.

Blogging for Small Businesses

Blogging is very important as it is a great way to connect with people who are looking to gain more knowledge about a certain topic or activity. This helps the blogger find their target audience and make a long-lasting connection with them – now you know one thing you and them have in common! Blogs also help with creating a voice for companies who are start-ups and don’t really have much of a digital presence to back them. When you write a blog, you add more text to your site, which prompts the google crawler bot to visit and rank you for keywords contained in your blog post, potentially increasing your ranking on the search engine results page. This will help businesses to be found by individuals who are interested in learning more about them. Blogging for a business is known to help increase leads by 67% and get you at least an estimated 97% more clicks on your website.

Blogging is a key component that should be considered to be adopted by many businesses as it will help them reach out to their target audience a lot faster. Why is that, you ask? Well, think about it! People are constantly searching and browsing the web for various topics. These individuals will find themselves on forums such as Reddit or Wikipedia. So why not a credible subject matter expert who actually knows what they are talking about? A credible company that has shown its success through blogging about their business? The best part about blogs is that there is no format a company needs to follow which means they can be as expressive as they’d like to in their blogs. This helps them create a better customer relationship as they are more transparent with their audience.

To sum it up, It’s all about raising awareness. Having a digital presence allows you to do that sufficiently. When you connect with consumers online with daily or weekly blog posts about common questions, you are building that engagement and awareness of your company’s existence. Thus, creating a strong digital footprint. This goes hand in hand with social media activity, it all strengthens your brand image and domain authority helping you become the business that people want to choose!