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The Future of Marketing : Chat Bots

Updated: Jul 19


Marketing is a field that comes with many roots. This varies from the processes of creating, communicating and delivering values to your target audience. The best part about Marketing is that it holds a future with endless possibilities. This field can add so many features for the betterment of their target audience – to help convey their support even further. So what is this new feature that will be beneficial to the future of marketing? Chatbots.

Let’s briefly discuss the idea behind the Chatbots. A Chatbot is a computer program that is essentially designed to simulate human conversation. This can be done through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or even through computers. This is an important feature because it is currently known as one of the most advanced and promising expressions of interaction that is held between humans and machines. This brings us to the explanation of how a chatbot defines the future of marketing.

A Chatbot can offer your audience a personalized experience that makes customers feel like they can ask as many questions as they need to without having to hesitate. Another reason why Chatbot is the future of marketing is that it integrates the use of social media – instead of having to email someone for more information, a simple click to the chatbot can answer your question. Additionally, a Chatbot allows for a larger engagement capacity as it can be used by multiple customers at the same time. A chatbot can catch your audience's attention and learn from the interaction, allowing it to send relevant information regarding your brand, products, and services.

So there you have it, the future of marketing. Now, these are just a couple of things that signify the use of Chatbots for marketing. According to Microsoft, 80% of enterprises will use chatbots by 2020. Currently, in 2021, that statement could not be more true as we see almost every business website taking great advantage of this feature that will soon be exploding into the world of technology like rapid fire.